• which one is the best choice for tennis?

  • Which one do you choose?

  • Which of these red carpet dresses do you like more?

  • Do you prefer elegant gold bracelets or carefree hipster ones?

  • which do you like the most?

  • Which one do you prefer?

  • Heels or sneakers? Which shoe type do you prefer more?

  • which do you like more? Beanies or wide brim hats?

  • which one do you prefer?

  • Which look would you love to wear?

  • Which look, looked best?

  • Maxi or mini dress?

  • Skirts or shorts? Which one do u prefer to wear more?

  • Are you more of a cargo pants and Timbs kind of gal? Or a skirt and stilettos lassie?

  • Which do you want more?

  • ???

  • Girls I need help. Wich one do you like?

  • Jeans, tee and jacket or dress and booties?

  • Which of these styles would you wear more?

  • Which dress is your favorite?

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